Buy Fresh Turf

turfWe grow 1 grade of really good quality turf from the DLF Masterline professional seed range, it is best described as a luxury sports lawn, this mix is made up of 20% dwarf Satarky rye grass to make it durable to periods of drought and heavy foot traffic such as family lawns or sports surfaces as well as a dense combination of beautiful fine fescues for a nice smooth lush green appearance, applications for this product include commercial landscapes, domestic lawns, golf courses, show gardens and tennis courts.

turfOur Turf benefits from 80% fine fescue of the creeping red and slender variety , we incorperate the highly acclaimed DLF – rossinante red fescue , widely considered to be one of the best red fescues in europe hence its high rating on the STRI list of seed cultivars.

Our Turf is cut fresh to order , we are basically a trade turf outlet , we have land across Lancashire , mainly concentrated around west Lancs , Leyland & penwortham and we also cut on a filed near Lytham once a year. IN SUMMARY – you are buying as fresh as it gets we are not middle men or turf stockists. *** SPECIAL OFFER *** ADD OUR 1000KG BAGS OF BLACK LANCASHIRE FARM SOIL/ORGANIC COMPOST BLEND TO ANY TURF DELIVERY FOR JUST £45 PER BAG !!!!

Volume (m2 Rolls) Price Per m2 Roll Delivery
10 – 14 £4 £15
15 – 19 £3.35 £15
20 – 24 3.10 £15
25 – 29 £2.85 £15
30 – 49 £2.49 £15
50 – 79 £2.34 £15
80 – 149 £2.29 £15
150 – 199 £2.20 £15
Add Bags Of Topsoil Just £45 Per Bag Bulk Orders £poa