Preston Topsoil

Our Topsoil is a grade 1 soil improver that will make any gardening job a winner , first we take some natural black Lancashire loamy farm soil from farm projects around the county and we then blend it with a natural organic compost, The Result – a strong multi purpose topsoil perfect for turfing , seeding and general planting.




The stndard mix we send out is a 70/30 mix ( 70 sand based loamy soil & 30 compost ) this is widely considered the industry standard for a grade 1 growing medium , strong enough to kick start new lawns but not to much compost that could overwhelm seeds and flowers. Our topsoil is also fantastic for vegetable and fruit tree growing which has made this soil very popular amongst many of Lancashires allotments.


topsoil bagged


Topsoil is available in 1000kg huge bags delivered via crane truck, we also offer a tipped loose 10 ton load for large projects and trade work , and then we offer smaller tipped loads of 2 tonnes , 2.5 tonnes & 3 tonnes , these smaller loads are delivered on a small tipper truck and are handy because they can usually fit in places that a car could fit


topsoil planted


Volume Bag Size Cost
1 1000kg £69
2 1000kg £60 each
3 1000kg £55 each
4-9 1000kg £50 each
10 + 1000kg £45 each
10 tonnes Loose Tipped £350
2 tonnes Loose Tipped £poa
2.5 tonnes Loose Tipped £poa
3 tonnes Loose Tipped £poa